What is it?

CSSHórus is a library for easy and fast development of responsive and mobile websites. It contains 12 grid columns and basic style formats (Reset, Print, Grid, Misc styles) and now with 'Skins' stylizing (Typography, Lists, Links, Table, Form, Buttons) for your web project, also with RTL and LESS CSS.

Responsive Grid

Responsive Grid

Grid system 1200px down to mobile, adaptive for desktop and mobile screen, easy and fast to apply and work.



Cross-Browser Support (Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox and IE9+) tested in: Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu.



Has been tested across as many mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and FirefoxOS).

Download source

The library is in constant development, please download the source! use, share and collaborate with the project on github.

CSSHórus v2.1.0 - 283kb